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Homo is a genus of bipedal primates that lived from 2 million years ago to present day.

Early Humans Edit

Early species under the genus Homo, such as H. erectus or H. neanderthalensis are known as the early pioneers of civilization and tool making. Having evolved from Australopithecus, Homo is known worldwide and several cave settlements describing the appearance of many Cenozoic creatures through cave paintings.

Description Edit

Many subspecies have been assigned under the genus Homo. Human evolution likely started out in Africa, where Australopithecus first evolved, and gradually spread to other parts of the world. The skull shape of humans started off bulkier, with a heavy brow and large nose, and gradually shrunk. Humans are some of the first intelligent animals. Humans are known for being social, and have very different personalities. Humans take the shape of medium-sized, bipedal apes, leading a primarily omnivorous lifestyle.

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