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Mosasaurus is an extinct genus of Late Cretaceous Mosasaur that ived from 70 and 66 million years ago.

Description Edit

Mosasaurus is the most well known genus of marine reptile aside from Tylosaurus, and lived in North America. Mosasaurus is closely to the extant Komodo dragon and other monitor lizards of today. Mosasaurus has a large tail fluke, four fins and a large skull full of sharp teeth.

Paleoecology Edit

Mosasaurus is one of the largest and one of the last mosasaurs and could dive, but tended not to. Mosasaurus fed on a variety of food; ammonites, sharks, plesiosaurs, fish, turtles, smaller mosasaurs and sometimes even dinosaurs.

Species Edit

  • †M. beaugei (Arambourg, 1952)
  • †M. conodon (Cope, 1881)
  • †M. hobetsuensis? (Suzuki, 1985)
  • †M. lemonnieri (Dollo, 1889)
  • †M. missouriensis (Harlan, 1834)
  • †M. mokoroa? (Welles & Gregg, 1971)
  • †M. prismaticus? (Sakurai et al., 1999)

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