Prehistoric wiki staff are the caretakers of this wiki, and are given special responsibilities, as well as any responsibilities normal users have. Administrators, or short admins, are separated into two categories: Chat Moderators and Bureaucrats.


Users must be able to take on these set responsibilities if they accept a promotion:

  • Respect for all other users and staff
  • Be able to resolve conflict
  • Do not misuse your rights
  • Be a good model user for newcomers

How to be Promoted

Becoming part of our staff team is no easy work. To become promoted, start off with good contributions to existing pages, and eventually adding new pages. The existing staff will notice your hard work, and promote you. Do not be alarmed if you are first promoted to Content Moderator, becoming promoted should take a while. You will be noticed for your work.

Current Staff

A list of our current staff. If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of these users below.


Prehistoric wiki staff are users with sysop rights, and very good experience. Please feel free to ask any of these users questions on their personal talk page.




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