aka MrSpikes, sometimes just Spikes

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in a hole somewhere
  • My occupation is professional dinosaur lover
  • I am moderating on Prehistoric wiki!
I love dinosaurs and Jurassic Park! (Yes, even the new ones)

Founder of the Rocketman wiki, Prehistoric wiki and Puppet History wiki. I love all extinct life, and my favourite dinosaur is Spinosaurus. I am the current most active Admin, Bureaucrat and Content Moderator.

When am I on?

I'm on nearly everyday, and am very active! I don't have specified hours, so catch me while you can!

Need Help?

I'd love to help you! If you have any questions about contributing and rules, take a look at the Manual of Style. For any further questions not addressed, please ask me on my Message Wall. Ask me anything! If I can't answer your question, ask any of our staff (bottom of page).

My Favourite Pages

My current favourite pages are:

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Prehistoric wiki staff are users with sysop rights, and very good experience. Please feel free to ask any of these users questions on their personal talk page.

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  • MrSpikesss

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